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Madness Erection Prologue

Posted by Gibb50 - February 19th, 2014

I called my boyfriend Kelzad over, on a Saturday night to come to my complex unit that I share with my roommate since he was gone for the night. Told him I needed to be in his muscly arms. 20 minutes later, there we are, on the sofa fully-clothed in a sweet embrace. Whilst our lips are locked, enjoying the taste of the others mouth, we both start feeling each other through the material of our clothes. He unhooks my pants with my shirt still on letting it fall revealing my double a nips. My nipples are hard clearly showing through my shirt. I reach for his crotch where I grab his junk with my hand letting him give a little moan into my mouth. With each time I rub his dick growing hard through his shorts, he takes my nipples and pinches them making me horny for more. As we pulled away from each other, he rushed to turn on my computer revealing my minimil animation skill immediately taking my facing head into his mouth lapping his tongue all over my drawing while using his other hand to unpublish my collab parts. I got up, letting them fall to the ground as he goes to take my .fla off my 4 gig usb. I stop him. Instead taking his shirt off to reveal his large chest, going down to take off his pants to reveal his bulge, we stop in the heat of moment. Only to notice my roommate Austin standing intrigued by us with his hand down his pants. I've always wanted to have a threesome. Without consulting my boyfriend, I ask if he wants to join us, my boyfriend doesn't hesitate. I went and took him by the hand taking her hand out of his pants and placed them in my mouth. The warmth of her melted in my mouth, and I took him by the hand and led him to my boyfriend. There, she took out his laptop, and before he could unpublish his animation. I stepped in making love to his neck whilst unpublishing his cock rip animations. I take his pants and panties off and feel her CRAWLING IN MY SKIN!!!!!, wet with her UNHEALABLE WOUNDS. We focus our attention back to my boyfriend who has removed his pants and jocks revealing his large, hard cock rip animation ... Which I leveled up to level 43 "Fat exhale"


This is the Prologue to Madness Erection




That was the best story ever. Sexy prelude for our amazing work. Dix r teh best! #4-LYF


My eyes kinda hurt while reading this.

Too much wall of text?

Cool story, bro!

Hey, thanks friend!

Wait you are gay?

No I am not.

@Lance5573 Do you have sence of humour???

He is minimil

Oh my days, i couldent stop laughing at the text Cx

Yo gibb sorry buddy I didn't know this wasn't serious I take things too literal.

The best collab I could evr heard of, rip off dem cokz and fuk dem up

I have a raging boner.


Funny sex story edit.

Cmon u liek it C;

I want you to tear my anal muscles with your throbbing erection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@lokninjax lolwat


Sexi stori

I've always wanted to download Madness sprites, but was afraid that people wouldn't understand me.
And one day, I decided. I entered my handsome PC and started rubbing the browser icon with my mouse. Suddenly, without fully realizing it, I entered pants.org. Having spent some time in the site, I finally found sprite_pack.zip and began furiously downloading. Oh, I was downloading it so hard, I thought it was going forever.
Once the download reached the limit, there was no turning back. I realized, that I must bring it to the end. I unzipped the folder and took out its contents, letting them fall down on my desktop. The contents were big, though relatively interesting to study.
I quickly got bored of studying and switched to the immediate action. I took the file and put it into my Flash. It felt so good, I could finally see the Madness sprites in their full glory. I couldn't hold it any more, I started manipulating the sprites and animating them moving from side-to-side, and wiggling. I tried to keep balanced tempo, but couldn't really control it and rushed it.
In the end, I published a huge SWF file right all over my desktop.
It felt so good.

Hawt <3

~oh bby~

Less than three.

abe takakazu lol