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Bad bad bad news and good news.

Posted by Gibb50 - October 28th, 2014

Hello everyone, long time no see. I've got something very upsetting to tell you all...

I dropped my laptop one foot a couple of weeks ago, and as you could have guessed, that one foot drop landed on the hard drive which made me lose: All my Flash files, Madness Amputation, Madness heaven 10 and some other stuff I may have forgotten.
All my Song files and What was about to be released, Mad Selecta 2.

It's possible to get the files back, but I don't have the thousands of dollars for a file extracting expert.


But fret not, you teeny boppers. I got this computer for a whopping $125

I'm bringing it back, baby!

I have up to late Aberration of my Flash folder backed up.

I'm making a song at the moment and Da kick is rele.

Hope you're not too bummed out by this :(


Glad you're back and well C:

Thanks, buddy :)

Unlucky, dude. At least your spirits are still high, good to see your still pressing on with this.

It's a rough road, but it must be travelled.

good thing you got a new computer


Too terrible......

Are you f****** king us ?

I wish I was, this time it's for real :(

Are you serious!? You don't sound too upset are you?

I've gotten past the depression of losing it, but I know I can't do anything about it. So I've come to terms with it.

sorry to hear about the file loss

but good to hear you are back :)

Yeah, it truly does suck. Thanks tho.

I'm sorry about that :(
Hope you get everthing back.

I have someone trying, they'll get back to me, but don't be disappointed if it doesn't work.

Well look on the bright side, there's good news!

oh dude that sucks!

Yeah :C

Anyway I can help you dude?

I'll send you my hard drive if push comes to shove


In our country we are not celebrate halloween. We call this day something like "Ghost day" We are only going to graveyard and make honor to dead people with some candles. If you understand what I mena, because my english is not so good :)

I understand, It's like some respectful day like how I have labour day.

ANd so sorry for your stuff :/ Hope you wil get ready soon :) wish you luck

Thanks :)

Good luck with all of that :)
So, what you next project gibb?

I can't really say, I've just been doodling with animation lately. I wanna start something, I just dunno what :C

Maybe a collab, x-mas movie?

I'm not the person to host collabs.
A christmas thing could be fun I guess. Maybe.

im out from the prison, so im back too
or nah

Lol, how come you were in prison, m8

I hope it's nothing but bad news bears for you this time around, You Goofball. >:C

Spaderz pls

You Don't Please me in the slightest.

Well, I hope you don't like beans on toast, because you're getting NONE