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Absolutely fantastic man!
After so long waiting, the payoff is exceptional, keeping exactly the same feel as the previous episodes.
Loved it man, Glad to see you back once again

Always wanted to see a Mag vs Mag movie, you've satiated my desires, man. Thank you
Great job

Man the bit half way through where the protagonist absorbs the halo is crazy

1999Elias responds:

I told you, no spoilers! D:<

Ummmm..... this is strange..... im noticed a big downgrade in your animation style.... it is very jittery and it is not very smooth also the audio in this animation is very low quality and it hurts my ears and also the perspective is a bit off i noticed, it doesnt seem quite right and also hank is wearing a hat on top of his bandanna showl. but that is an unlikely thing to do so i am unimmersed in that regard too. I'm sorry but its true.

Glad to have worked with this, it’s definitely been an experience, with ups and downs and downright fury.
So strange to see it out at last
Good jobe broh

Kelzad responds:

Glad to have you on the team, mate. You made some invaluable sounds.

Heyo, this is pretty snazzy for your apparent first Madness animation, Kept my interest throughout and am interested for more from u.
Animation-wise, Pretty good
Also, you've done Madness hell better than most, with constant insanity and whatnot.
Keep up the good work my Slav comrade!

About damn time!!!!
Just kidding, very cool to see this finished at long last, you’ve certainly improved Since your last movie. Goode jobe

Really liked the parts by Chub and SentryTurbo, While the other parts were alright, these two stood out in particular. Nice job guys
My only real gripe was the croaking and screech sounds being overused, though I can understand that that's what the characters were meant to be doing.

Overall, I kind of liked it, but I expected more of a story. What are these mysterious monsters and why? Was hoping that would be addressed at the end.

thece responds:

it will,if krixx doesnt lazy and actually do the prequel stuff
for cell sounds,i cant find any link that have full sound effects from "The Last Of Us",ofcourse we can use another sounds,but it took time to find a match+the clicker sound fit with cell more than normal zombie sounds

Words can’t describe how happy and excited I am to see this finished!
This is by FAR the best thing you’ve made to date and I know the quality is only going to go up as You progress.
First madness animation to give me smile all the way through, in awe of the legendary Madness 11 being in front of my eyes.
You’re an inspiration to all of us, Matt and I hope that you know that.
Great great job, keep doing you, Beefcake

Very nice. A perfect (belated) Birthday gift, thanks a bunch Thece!
Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier, but I was busy.

thece responds:

thank u daddy

Heh, nothing personal, Kid.

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