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Madness Day 2017

2017-09-22 12:12:50 by Gibb50

Happy Madness day!!!
Boy I'm a little bit late, whoops!

I'm looking forwards to all the submissions that people are going / have uploaded. 

Madness Heaven Remix 10, at long last!

Thanks to all of you for keeping me in this mad mess... Enjoy!

Wowie, 1000 fans!

2017-09-06 06:54:44 by Gibb50

I can hardly believe it. one thoooooousand



Madness day is slowly creeping forwards.
If you didn't catch the last post. Madness Heaven 10 is coming, Again.
The first version of it was lost when my laptop died back in 2015.

This new one is much better


Woah, new post.
Woah what's this?
Guess we'll have to wait and see



2017-04-17 10:58:23 by Gibb50

He's going to need more than a Panadol to recover from this!

Coming soon.

Merry late christmas!

2016-12-26 00:56:51 by Gibb50

Sorry I was late to the party guys. But the deadline came sooner than I realized and i only just made it.

But yeah, Merry Christmas!

I'm thankful to Kelzad for letting me use Yeelon in this animation. I thought it would be pretty cool to animate this powerhouse of a man.

On newgrounds

On Youtube

Don't forget to join the Green Pepper Studios Discord group!

And also, thanks for the extremely unexpected Daily 1st. It truly is the season of gifts!


It's nearly time for Christmas!

2016-12-19 06:28:03 by Gibb50

I hope this guy can survive to see it :[


Expect to see a movie on christmas. See you then!

800 fans and New project

2016-10-02 05:06:58 by Gibb50


Wowie Zowie, thanks guys, this means a lot!

Madness Day was a blast, as quiet as it was though.


Well well, what do we have here? A halloween/Christmas animation? Yeah boi!

The day is here!

2016-09-22 03:30:42 by Gibb50

Yes that's right boys and girls!

Madness Day has arrived and it's time to shine! I'm looking forward to some movies that are going to come out.


Here is my contribution



Hope you enjoy and keep on trucking!

Madness day is on the horizon!

2016-08-30 07:11:03 by Gibb50

Well gentlemen the time is almost here, less than one month to go untill the maddest day of the year!

I've been a bit of a slack-ass this year and I apologise. Motivation has been a bit of a rarity.


But anyways, I'm going to finish this silly old movie and release it this year.


Not long nooooooooooow.......


Stop PMing me, asking for my sprites, the answer will always be a no

Happy Clock day

2016-08-15 13:20:05 by Gibb50

Woah, is it that time of year again? I guess it is!

Here, enjoy!